Race day checklist – Seven things you need

Prepare your kit and other essentials

Preparation is important ahead of race day, so this easy checklist should help ensure you’ve got everything ready!

It’s worth getting your gear in order the night before so you’re not rushing around on the morning of your event.

Apart from yourself, here are 10 things you need!

  1. Race bib – Pin your number and timing chip to your running vest or shoes, in tandem with getting your clothing ready (shorts, socks, top, headband, sweatband and post-race clothing). *You may need safety pins to attach your number.
  2. Your running shoes! One not to forget! The only rule here is don’t try out new runners on the day of the race!
  3. Have your race information pack handy! It’s important to know race protocol, where you’re going and other snippets of information, such as start areas.
  4. A charged up watch and phone! Record your race and run on your smartwatch and also have your phone with you so you contact people before and after your event, or take it with you during the run.
  5. If you suffer from chafing or have a pre-existing injury, don’t forget tape, plasters, strapping, muscle spray and other essentials like sun cream.
  6. Take some cash with you, so you don’t have to rely on a card machine and in case you need to buy something last-minute at the race village.
  7. Include hydration and pre-race snacks in your kitbag, as well as a towel and change of clothes.

After you’ve got all of these things sorted, check in your bag into the baggage area and remember to attach your number tag and name to your belongings.

Nothing beats getting your kit ready in advance!


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