Three reasons why avocados are good for runners

Fuel up for your run with deliciousness

What isn’t there to love about avocados?!

And the good news is they’re a great fruit option for runners.

Yes, perfectly ripe avocados are high in fat but they also contain plenty of goodness when it comes to vitamins and minerals, and can be eaten with pretty much anything.

Let’s not forget, they taste exquisite, too!

Here’s three key reasons why you should try and make them a staple part of your diet…

Fuel for exercise

As mentioned, avocados are rich in fat, and as such, serve as an excellent source of energy for endurance running when eaten a few hours before your run.

Typically, your average avocado contains around 220 calories, of which protein and fibre make up that, as well as a small amount of carbohydrates.

They are also a terrific way of getting electrolytes on board, given they comprise of potassium. Indeed, one avocado has more potassium and energy reserves than your average banana, and helps your body regulate itself and function properly.

basil leaves and avocado on sliced bread on white ceramic plate

Try avocados on toast!

Calm your inflammation

We’ve all been there and experienced an inflamed knee or ankle, or generally felt a bit of pain pre, during or post-run.

That’s where avocados can help.

They are a great antioxidant and boast omega 3 fats, along with vital nutrients and polyphenols, a natural ingredient found in fruits. Together, by eating avocados as a post-exercise meal or snack, you are effectively boosting your ability to fight off any inflammation.

They come in useful for those winter miles

In the UK at least and throughout most of Europe, the winter weather is challenging when it comes to running outside.

Not only does it toy with your motivation levels, exposure to cold temperatures can actually leave your skin feeling dry and severely lacking in moisture.

Equally, frequent exposure to strong sunlight in warmer climates can leave your skin dehydrated.

That’s where avocados can play a vital role as the fruit contains crucial nutrients, such as (carotenoids and¬†glutathione), which aid skin regeneration in different kinds of conditions and make you feel fresher faced whatever the weather.

adult architecture athlete boardwalk

Tough going: Treading those tough miles in winter.

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