Plan ahead and enjoy the perfect week

Keep track of the next seven days

Whether you are planning a big week of running and training, or are just keen to keep yourself ticking over with a run here and there, there are a few things you can do which will put you in a great mood to tackle the next seven days ahead.

The following tips aren’t necessarily all running related, but if you employ a similar approach, your running workload and mindset could reap the benefits.

So, here we go…

1) Plan

Set out your stall for the week and roughly create a plan of action and diary.

From your work to fitness routine to social occasions, organise what you’re doing and where you’re meant to be, and at what times. It can really make you feel in control of your life.

2) Brainstorm

If you have time – and Sunday night is generally a good occasion in which to do it – lay out your targets for the upcoming week, make notes and set goals and objectives.

3) The right environment

Whether you are in your office at work, working from home or travelling on the train, think about where you work best and which location stimulates your mind the most – and hence drives you to progress each and every day!

Mindset is key

4) Trust your process

Find out what works best for you and keep doing what you’re doing!

Take advice onboard and listen to others, by all means, but only you can decide which is the best path for you to take to achieve all positive outcomes.

5) Find time for you

In this hectic age of phones in hand 24-7, it can be difficult to escape!

Running is of course a great way to get some thinking time by yourself but ensure you give yourself a chance to relax, recover and do the things you want to do.

6) Prioritise

Work out at the beginning of your week what you need to focus on the most but also make time for longer term projects and ambitions.

There is indeed no harm in planning ahead.

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