How to plan your race schedule for 2019

Preparation is the way forward

With 2019 not too far away now, it’s time – if you haven’t already – to plan what your next 12 months of running will look like.

By now, you will have already booked or secured your entry to popular races such as the London Marathon (lucky you!) and while events of that ilk require much more early planning (think the ballot), there are still plenty of opportunities to run over various distances all over the world.

Here are our top tips which will help you prepare in the best possible way and run your best:

Put some thought into it

Don’t just book up a race on a wim, instead study dates and event details, the training programme you can commit to and travel commitments.

It’s also good to speak to running friends and see what other people are doing. Planning ahead is definitely the way forward. By doing this, you can also take advantage of race discounts.

Select goals

Whatever your distance – some events and routes will suit your goals and ambitions more than others.

As such, your schedule should reflect your performance targets and ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of feeling happy with your running efforts.

Don’t just think about your big race

Consider signing up for smaller events in the build-up to the race that means the most to you.

Indeed, this can help you to adjust to racing conditions and get ready for the biggest of days.

Try not to over-race

It can be tempting to book up a bucket load of races but be realistic and stick to what you think will be achievable.

By doing this, you can plan sensibly and add to your diary throughout the year.


Post-race, think about what you have learned from your experience and take that into your next event.

There is always room to improve!

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