Running on Spanish Soil: Malaga Review

Run-outs on the Costa del Sol…

Malaga is a superb running city and fitness hub.

Earlier this month, I managed to squeeze in two back-to-back runs in the second-most populous city of Spain’s Andalusia region.

My trip to the City, which is situated on the Costa del Sol, was all too brief but I still sampled a bit of what it had to offer from a running perspective.

Staying close to the Rio Guadalmedina river and Malaga Centro, I began both of my runs by passing through or past Parque de Malaga — a beautiful tree-lined park which can be found at the heart of the city.

From there — I moved onto Paseo del Muelle Uno, which overlooks the Puerto De Malaga Port area, and is lined by restaurants, bars and boasts a lively atmosphere.

The beauty of Malaga is that there are lots of straight stretches to run — none more so than the Paseo Maritimo de Pablo Ruiz Picasso road, which is adjacent to the beachfront.

This was a hub of activity on both occasions when I treaded miles there in the city, while several outdoor gyms were packed with people working out either in the lunchtime sun or evening humidity.

All in all, an excellent spot for some warm-weather training in virtually ideal running conditions.


Evening Run


Morning Run


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