10 quick and easy running travel tips

Enjoy running wherever you are…

Whether you’re on holiday or travelling for work, it is always challenging to squeeze in the time needed to run!

But, by taking onboard these quick and easy running travel tips, then hopefully, it’ll make your life a little easier on the road!

Check these out…

1) It goes without saying that you need to pack your runners and workout clothing — so figure out exactly what you will need ahead of your trip by factoring in things like weather, temperature and terrain.

2) Scope out local running routes online, via apps and ask hotel staff for information. Take note of landmarks to help you stay on track and remember whereabouts you are on your route.

3) Be wary of running with blaring headphones in busy areas and crossing rush-hour traffic roads. Proceed with extra caution.

4) Run with a full phone battery and zip-up some cash or cards, in case you need them in an emergency. You may also want to buy a drink.

5) Try and run early! Whether you are on vacation or travelling for work — running early in the morning (before breakfast) is a great way to release endorphins and put you in the right frame of mind to tackle your day!

6) On busy days, keep your runs short and sweet – but it’s also worth planning ahead and scoping out when your best times to run are.

7) Don’t forget about nutrition! We are all guilty of overindulging, especially on holiday, but try to eat healthily where possible. If you can, you should also avoid eating late, too.

8) Find someone to run with! Teaming up with a running partner can really boost your motivation levels.

9) Allow at least 10 minutes to stretch, warm down and shake-out lactic acid build-up post-run. Recovery is really important.

10) Set aside some time while you’re away to hit the gym or complete simple yet effective strength-building and core routines in your hotel room. It’s crucial to maintain muscle and joint health.

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