These five essential tips will make you take up running

Having the goal of wanting to take up running is a great one to have but it is not necessarily as simple as just putting on your trainers and running for some people.

Indeed, getting started can actually be the hardest thing especially if you’ve not run before and it is more or less totally new to you.

That’s why this article is here to help!

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Quick step-by-step training guide to get you ready for your first marathon

I applaud anyone who has the goal of running a marathon.

It’s a fantastic thing to do whether you just love running, are taking up a personal challenge or raising funds for a charity. There are many reasons why people run and that makes it such a special sport.

For some, running and training comes naturally, but for others, they have to work bloody hard for it. In fact, there’s no shortcuts out there for anyone.

Here is a very basic, quick, step-by-step guide to some of the ingredients you need if you’re about to train for and run a marathon.

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